Women are Everywhere: Households to Military


When we talk about gender equality, we must know that women have progressed enough, although some areas still need to be developed and overcome stereotypes such as gender roles. The 21st century is different as we see women can participate in any field they desire.

Women are not less than anyone. They have marvellous capabilities. They can do everything they dream of, and today, many nations have started to grant permission for women to join the armed forces, and one among them is Saudi Arabia.

There has been a steady growth in women empowerment, and fundamental rights also talk about equality and women's rights. They also have the right to education, livelihood, and participation in any societal issues. However, the problem emerges in those countries where education is not given fundamental importance, and people cannot recognise the opportunities and rights of women.

Women always gave their 100% in every area they are involved in, whether their homes or jobs. Hence, they must be rewarded, and Women's Day is the best occasion for this.

This article will talk about when Saudi Arabian women were allowed to join the forces and the advantages of the same.

Saudi Arabian Women Now Join the Armed Forces

A new rule emerges where women in Saudi Arabia can join the military and work as soldiers, secretaries, corporals, etc.

Saudi Arab Crown Prince, Mohammad Bin Salman, wants to increase the nation's economy by allowing women to work and be a part of the workplace. This rule is not only for the military, but they can work as a cashier or be a working woman in a mall, own their shops and do all the work that a man can do.

This plan was announced in 2019 and allowed women to work and leave the country for any other matter without informing their partner, which shows the independent nature of women and steps forward to break long-standing stereotypes.

Apart from all the advantages, there are some criteria before joining the military:

  • Women should have at least passed 10th standard in School

  • Should not be married to a foreigner

  • Average height and weight are prescribed

  • Age must be between 21 to 40

As per the records, Saudi Arabia appointed 100 women as notaries and must do more in the coming years. Furthermore, at least the cosmetics shops and industries and other work must be led by women.


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