Firstly, we should know what is meant by the president’s rule, how it’s applied and what are the provisions related to it. President’s rule refers to the suspension of a state government and the imposition of direct rule of the central government. It becomes the duty of the centre to take care of the state and must contain all the records related to that. In that situation, the governor becomes the head of the state and the election have to be held within six months. Article 356 deals with the president's rule and gives powers in the hands of the president to decide whether the state government is capable of functioning alone or not. If not, then he must consider some conditions before imposing the said rule: ➔ If the president observes that the situation has gone out of the hand of the state government and it is unable to elect a leader within a specified period. ➔ Loss of majority in the house ➔ Elections postponed due to some reasons During the president’s rule, no new policy can be formed or no new law will be made until the next government is formed. After the fall of Congress government and loss of power, the president’s rule was imposed in Puducherry. Puducherry is a union territory consisting of four territories named Pondicherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam. Areas of Puducherry and Karaikal shares a border with the state of Tamil Nadu while Mahe and Yanam share with the state of Andhra Pradesh. A few days back, through a notification by the Ministry of Home Affairs, it was decided to dissolve the state government and impose President’s rule in the state. As per the reports President Ram Nath Kovind received the report in which he regarded everything and after that, he announced that a “situation has arisen in which the administration of the Union

Territory cannot be carried away further” and admission of the union territory has been suspended.

According to Articles 239 to 241 of the constitution, all the matters related to business and finances which were handled by the administration are now transferred to the Ministry of Home Affairs and all the major problems and issues related to bills or anything shall be considered in the parliament.

The decision came after a day when the Congress government lost power.

President rule is good as it considers all the necessary things related to the state but, as everything has two sides, this concept also has two. Though the major aim of this is to give powers to the central government to maintain the unity and integrity of the nation, it has been misused by the ruling party at the centre. Many times Central governments use it to their advantage and dissolve the state government.

Hence, according to me, some amendments should be done in Article 365 of the Indian Constitution, such as:

➔ The governor must submit all the reports to the president or the chief justice of India

➔ He must have no power to make any new law.

➔ The president should work according to the constitution, not as per the central government.

➔ All the reports related to emergencies should be published for the public


➔ The Union Territories and Tribal Areas: Articles 239, 240 and 241 under the Indian Constitution

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