The Weekly Critegal

Society needs law and order. Social issues are a source of conflicting opinions based on what is morally correct or incorrect.  We exist in a world with innumerable social issues and to govern and sustain itself effectively, it needs a set of rules. The existing definitive and cumulative laws affect society in different ways. While the existence of law plays vital roles, it is the implementation that holds power. Our newsletter brings to light this exact notion. It will raise and discuss matters extending from the rights of women and children, to civil crises, to the not so talked about issues in the world of sports. We give it a little extra by inviting specialists to write for our weekly newsletter as well, in hope that it can capture you, our readers, and empower you to make and bring change along with us, one step at a time.

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Issue 36,
Impact of COVID-19 on the Indian Economy
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Issue 34,
A gamble of not?
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Issue 32,
Human Trafficking
The End of World Peace
Issue 31,
The Illegal Betting Market 
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Issue 30,
The Impact of
Climate Change
Issue 29,
Atrocities against Women
Is she truly weak?
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Issue 28,
Animal Experimentation
Issue 27,
Indian Media
A Hub of Misinformation
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Issue 26,
Issue 25,
A Better Tomorrow
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Issue 24,
Issue 23,
An Obstruction to Feminism
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Issue 22,
Electoral Fraud
An easy way to procure democracy?
Issue 21,
Human Cloning
Will there be another me?
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Issue 20,
Immigration Reform
Issue 19,
The Israeli-Palestinian
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Issue 18,
Critical Analysis Of
Social Law
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Issue 17,
The Ethical Debate of
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Issue 16,
A tool or a Disgrace
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Issue 15,
Legalising the Wondrous
World of Happiness
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Issue 14,
Gun Rights
Gun Control
Issue 13,
Love. Pride. LGBTQ+ : 
Moving Towards Equality
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Issue 12,
Education Framework : 
An Indian Perspective
Issue 11,
Universal Healthcare: 
A right or a Privilege?
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Issue 10
The Opioid Epidemic: 
Understanding The Drug Overdose
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Issue 7 
Africa in Crisis: 
The Most Neglected Global Emergency
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Issue 5
Favoured Sexism: 
Is She Truly Inferior?
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Issue 4
The World of Porn:  
An Art Lost in Translation
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