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It has been a century where the world is again going through a deadly pandemic. Spanish flu, it was caused by the H1N1 Influenza A Virus where around 500 million people died which was at that time equal to one third of the world’s population and it arrived in four waves from 1918 to 1920. Similarly, covid-19, a deadly virus, a virus where the world has again gone through one of their toughest times. This time, the world has seen around 41.6 lakhs death till date and in India, it’s 4.21 lakhs death. COVID 19 is a disease caused by the new corona virus called SARS-CoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus 2). It was first reported by WHO at Wuhan, People’s Republic of China. Previously, it was called as “2019-nCoV”: because it came to force in 2019, “n” is for “novel”, “Co” is for “Corona” and “V” for “Virus”. But Covid-19 is the new virus which hits the lungs through different types of viruses through common cold, fever or others, and hence it comes under the family of SARS.

Symptoms include fever, cough and shortness of breath, but, in the severe cases, symptoms may include breathing difficulties or even sometimes, death. Some people have very high level covid and they recover quickly but some are the people who does not embody the virus deeply but still the virus inside prolongs for long time. These people are sometimes called as “Long Haulers” or post covid syndrome. These people experience this post covid i.e., after the four weeks of the diagnosis of the covid. People whose other medical conditions are not well may catch post covid syndrome or sometimes even the people with high immunity go through same from weeks to months. Some of the symptoms include are-

● Fatigue, Fast Heart beating, Fever

● Cough, Loss of Smell/ Taste

● Shortness/ Difficulty in Breath

● Joint/ Chest/ Muscle Pain or never-ending Headaches

● Memory, Concentration, inflammation or sleep problems

● Dizziness, Anxiety

Covid certainly makes clots through the cells and nervous systems and other parts that are affected by the clots are lungs, liver, legs and kidneys. Mostly, the long-lasting diseases hit liver and kidneys. Covid patients are treated in the intensive care unit of hospitals with highly skilled ventilators and oxygen masks. After going through such treatments, patients suffer from post-traumatic disorders, mental stress and other problems like anxieties and depression. Most of the side effects of covid is still unknown and doctors are observing the patients to know further how the organs functions after the recovery of the covid. Many clinics are made just to observe the patients post covid to study the functions and give them the proper care they need. There are some patients who recover quickly. If the patients are dying out of covid and blood or oxygen level is decreased, then the patients who have recovered quickly, can donate blood so that the plasma that has grown the anti-bodies to covid, also helps in someone else’s body. Precautions include wearing masks, washing hands time to time, social distancing, avoiding crowds, getting vaccines when are applicable.


Corona virus is a large family of viruses and it is spread through some common cold. But the SARS-CoV-2 which is also COVID- 19, it affects bats, camels, cattle, etc. but how does this came into force?

SARS-CoV-2 emerged from the wet markets of Wuhan (China). In those markets, they sell fish and meat of different kinds which are killed on the spot. Some of the markets sell illegal or banned species or animals like wild boar, cobra, raccoon, etc. These are sold and bought at the open area where all the parts of the animals are mixed including foods and they eat it mixing all kinds of the animals which sometimes causes the swap of the genes and the virus emerges. Therefore, SARS-CoV-2 made its first move at the open air of the markets of Wuhan. Some experts say SARS-CoV-2 infected first bats and that’s how covid behind MERS & SARS started. There are some wild animals which still are sold in the Wuhan Markets despite the outbreak of covid whose virus are similar to the SARS-CoV-2. It is now inside and outside the China. People who don’t eat those animals are also infected by the SARS-CoV-2, that means virus is transmitted from one human to another. Therefore, the worldwide transmission has now became a pandemic.

Scientists first saw a human who was hit by coronavirus was at 1965 which was like a common cold. After some time, researchers found the similar animal and human viruses and it looked like a crown and hence it was named after it. There are seven types of coronaviruses which can infect human and the one which caused SARS was emerged around 2002 at Southern China. It was July 2003, a matter of time when SARS hit around 28 countries where more then 8,000 people were infected and they have seen deaths around 700. At 2004, negligent covid emerged where the symptoms included small headaches, fever, common cold and cough or shortness of breath. MERS started in 2012 at Saudi Arabia where people lived and travelled in Middle East. They saw cases nearly 2,500 and around 850 deaths. MERS is less contagious than SARS but as deadly and can hit the kidneys and liver causing it failure.

When it was 1965, Tyrrell[1]first found it. It found in an embryonic tracheal organ of an adult and the adult was affected through the respiratory tract by a common cold. Tyrrell and his colleagues used to work in the laboratory of Robert Chanock at the National Institute of Health.


11th of March 2020, when the whole world awakened by the statement of WHO which declared novel coronavirus as a pandemic. Starting from Wuhan, countries including US, UAE, Japan, North Korea, etc were also affected at the beginning and at last it became a global proportion. Weeks later it also came to light that economic factor were also decreasing. Most people went jobless, countries itself were going through lot of financial crises.

As the countries are taking huge measures to reduce the number of people getting infected by covid-19, they have put strict restrictions to go out and travel or attend large gatherings and hence, our daily routines have changes upside down. It takes time to adapt new realities like working from home, online schooling of children, temporary or no employment, staying away from our loved ones, family members, etc. It has become very difficult for people to change the lifestyle such as these and their mental conditions have become vulnerable like people living at the same place for all the time without any break or a change, it has turned in most of the places to domestic, mental, physical, economic violence. In large nations like US, UK, etc. cases of domestic violence have drastically increased. It is expected that to avoid such things, one should do steps like-

● Get up and go to bed every day at similar times

● Keep up with personal hygiene

● Eating healthy meals at regular times and not skipping

● Exercise daily and rest accordingly at the decided times

● Make time for things doing what you love

Mucor-mycosis is a very rare fungus which happens by the spoiled vegetables, a rare fungus type called mucor, is found in soil or plants, manure or decaying foods, also called as black fungus. It gets inside the body through sinuses. Brain and liver are the fatal organs of the patients suffering from black fungus. Diabetic patients are more open to black fungus. Actually, black fungus is a specific fungus in itself but affects the body after the immunity is has downgraded of the patients recovered from covid. Therefore, the patients who have recovered from covid, there anti-bodies are met mostly to fight covid, by the time body increases the anti-bodies, black fungus hits people and hence, it has become a part of post covid disease. It has observed that mortality rate of black fungus is up to 50% which can be cured by certain steroids but may even more weaken the immunity system of the human body.

Patients suffering from this fungus may have symptoms like stuffy or bleeding nose, swelling or pain in the eyes, bending down of eyelids, skins and nose have black patches, and finally, loss of vision. In some cases, doctors have seen patients are losing their vision instantaneously and even in some cases, doctors have removed the jawline so that the fungus does not spread throughout the body.


The coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world and its graph is always going upwards but still the prediction can not be done on the basis of public opinion. The health, social and economic, financial laws and policies adopted by different nations must be followed so that we are not infected and if we are, then we must not be the ones who spread it.

International labour standards highlight more on the decent works to be done despite the context of Covid-19 crises. Some of them includes ensuring all the human rights and following the rule of law, also making sure that fundamental principles are not infringed.

There are seven coronaviruses in the world which hovers from animals to humans for 20 years and the second coronavirus which has caused the pandemic is SARS-CoV-2. The cooperation is required by the public itself in the process of lockdown so that people won’t get affected and spread the disease. Government needs to develop strategies to develop to ensure the accurate information is spread through the platform of social media.







[1] David Tyrrell- British Virologist (1965)