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At the beginning of this year, most of new comers were getting ready to enter into the job market. Unemployment was at trace low levels, stock markets had reached new peaks, and the occupation market was looking promising with many career opportunities for them looking to graduate in the next few months. All of this was until pandemic happened.

To say things have been turn over upside down seems like an understatement, as we look intently at one of the most significant collapse anyone has seen or heard of. We are seeing businesses on the edge of bankruptcy, including some of the biggest names and employers of graduates. As a result, many have cut a large percentage of their workers, frozen hiring for the predictable future and therefore nearly eliminated many career opportunities.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought several industries to their knees. With unavoidable lockdowns and social distancing, we’ve seen profession markets come to a decline as people are forced to stay in the house.

The coronavirus pandemic has a lot of dark faces. Around the world, people get sick and pass away, schools close, the healthcare organization is overloaded, employees lose their careers, many organizations face bankruptcy, stock markets collapse, and nations have to pay out billions on bailouts and medical support. And for each of us, whether directly hurt or not, Covid-19 is a massive stressor shaking up our psyche, activating our fears and uncertainties.

As Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel once quoted, “You should never let a serious crisis go to waste!”

We’re stepping into an unprecedented era, and surely, the coronavirus will go down in the history books as the most costly crisis ….so far! Perhaps World War I and World War II were more costly, but we’re not done yet! We are observing the black swan of all black swans.

As we have seen the coronavirus as it moves around the globe, public health representatives have put together a patchwork of quarantines, travel bans, and social isolation actions. The disturbance in events, travel, manufacturing, and trade has had a wide range of unplanned consequences — not all of them good, and certainly not all of them bad. Sarcastically, we’re about to explore we’ve never been more emotionally connected while being so physically far-away.

Demand for many of these jobs has risen rapidly and is expected to grow further in the coming years. It may take at least three to five years to get a vaccinated, and even then it may not be eradicated, so these jobs will last as our approach alteration from quarantine and social distancing to risk mitigation."


This COVID-19 pandemic is a deadly disease that has a very serious ill consequence on everything from life to property. It totally devastated the wealth and social circumstances of many countries. The impact and its range of impact are so huge that the World Health Organization has confirmed Coronavirus as a pandemic and many countries declared total lockdown and closed all the commercial actions for the short-term period and many nations clearly explicit their purpose of giving more concern to save a life than the conducting of commercial activities.

The COVID-19 shows a worse impact on the financial system and many people lost their jobs and many lost their lives but the government is putting its entire attempt order to come out of this worst situation and this condition shows unity among the public, police, and government showing their full support to the citizens. It has taken away thousands of jobs and rendered a vast population unemployed due to the lockdowns and economic troubles that have arisen due to Covid-19.

Unquestionably, the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected the physical condition and financial system of various nations from all over the globe. Health experts are spending their day and night guarding the lives of infected people. Nevertheless, the government and different other leaders are also leaving no stone unturned to minimize the economic recession.

It is moreover true that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is dealing with continuous personal and professional challenges, including the exposure of the jobs. Most of the fresh surveys have confirmed that a huge number of the public have lost their short-term and permanent service due to the constant nerve-wracking situation.

Still, it shouldn’t discourage us as there is a glimmer of expectation for everyone, as most of the industries are looking for new professionals to help them in this challenging situation. Thus, everybody should opt for an occupation that gives them utmost profit even after the pandemic ends.


Following are few significant careers that must be measured after coronavirus pandemic including;

• Health Care occupation

Nowadays, the health care sector and medical workers are providing their services like real-life heroes. They are putting their lives at risk just the safeguard other`s lives. The health care groups, including doctors, nurses; health care assistants, and pharmacists, etc. are providing non-stop services in every corner of the world. That’s why it would be an excellent idea to obtain medical certifications that will make you stand out while pursuing your job in the medical field.

We all are praying that this critical situation shall pass soon, but who knows what happens next. That is why it is always better to prepare ourselves for the known unknowns. The selection of the health care career as your ultimate career will be equally beneficial after this outbreak ends.

• Social Worker

Likewise, the contribution of social workers also holds huge credibility. So, if you have decided to spend your life like a real warrior and you are enthusiastic about serving people out, then go for it. It’s better to choose your profession as a skilled social worker because the community will need lots of rehabilitation work for the betterment of affected people when the lockdown ends.

• IT and Tech Jobs

Nowadays, the IT sector is also working great for the proper maintenance of their business activities. For instance, the infrastructure experts are providing their work from home services, and the technology sector is appropriately analyzing every single event to reduce the margin of error.

Based on the current condition, support, and safety, the IT administrators will have high requirements in the coming years as well. If you don`t have any technical skills, then probably you cannot have any high-demand job in the future. Another core benefit of choosing this career is that the technology sector can work remotely i.e., work from home without any difficulty. So, in case if something unfavorable happens in a situation, the occupation of IT will remain secure.

• Supply Chain Manager

The grocery retailers and supply chain managers are successfully satisfying their responsibility like real heroes in this pandemic situation. We can`t imagine our life if the retailers and suppliers stop supplying the essential food items. That is why; having a specialized degree in supply chain management enables you to ensure a smooth supply of essential goods even in a serious situation.

So, the world needs more professionals to handle the supply chain sector perfectly and to establish effective policies for the proper supply of food without any obstruction.

• Artificial Intelligence Officer

As per the most recent research study by “The World Economic Forum”, the ongoing horrifying situation has increased the demand for an artificial intelligence officer. Therefore, there will be more rising jobs for them in the upcoming days as well. The selection of artificial intelligence jobs as a dream career requires extraordinary skill-set and efficiency levels to work extraordinarily.

All we want to say is that it is the world of knowledge, and a person with a strong technical background can achieve more accomplishment. Hence, people must try their luck here and choose this occupation for a promising future. We are confident now that we cannot doubt the successful future of an artificial intelligence officer post coronavirus outbreak.

• Digital or Social Media Marketing Manager

One of the most significant perks of choosing it as a career option is that it has made remote-working trouble-free, which is a desirable situation in a lockdown scenario. So, while being at your residence, you can still manage your social media activities without any difficulty.

Currently, it is the time of digital revolution, creative content formation, and digital advertising. People find it more suitable to find out everything online; that is why there is a regular demand for social media marketers across the world. Even in a country like India, now we can sharpen up our digital marketing skills by getting a specialized degree from any digital marketing institute in Delhi.

If earning and knowledge is your passion, then drive yourself towards this career option and choose this occupation for great success.

• Wrapping-Up

The ongoing challenging situation should not let down us as we hope everything will be in place soon. We must work hard, and one day we will get what you wished for. Currently, the lockdown situation provides us an excellent chance to buff up our proficiency by taking online courses. So, do not waste your time and capture the chance before it’s too late.

• Crisis counselor

Most important duties: As more people and their relatives are impacted by the coronavirus, the need for crisis counselors may grow. A crisis counselor supports people during and after a major crisis happens. They work with patients on a temporary basis to help them reduce pain, use coping tactics and find mental strength. A crisis counselor needs to have sympathy for their patients and find solutions to aid them to move ahead after a life-altering incident.

• Cyber Security

This will be the focus of the new era as every business will adopt the digital revolution. The development of harmless, and protected payment gateways, and security walls will drive this market development. It will engage the use of block chain, application program interface, and another progression to arrest the happening of cybercrimes and financial scams.

• Online Education

Education will significantly be affected post-COVID-19 as it will embrace the digital world at the highest and largest level. Educational organizations will come of age, and customary teaching standards will become a thing of the past. The impact will be seen from pre-school to higher schooling, offering elasticity of education to students, and flexibility of teaching to teachers. The fees of education will become cheaper and reachable to a larger section of society.

• Insurance

The insurance industry will become significant and important as the general public will become more aware of health, natural calamities, epidemics, and the need for social security. Insurance companies will be seen as service providers, as opposed to entities that issue insurance plans for customers. Individuals will become conscious about the societal value, and consequence, of getting insurance against unpredicted events for heath, bankruptcy, retirement, and overall security for their homes and families. Post pandemic, it will have utility value.

• Robotics

Robotics will move at a very high-speed rapidity, and industries will gain profits from its application in fields that are currently considered impractical. Progressive businesses and associations will test and legalize the implementation of robotics for public and personal work. This will result in the development at a large-scale level, from safety with the usage of drones to manufacturing plants for precision activities, and in medical science for risk aversion.

• Content

All major business sectors and studios will begin their ‘direct-to-consumer streaming services, and content libraries, to attract clients who will produce hungry for consumption. Content will cover the entire range of video, music, gaming, and, with 5G support, this business will observe stratospheric growth of demand in the coming days. Subscription services will become more promising with the potentials of having modified and targeted promotion options, and ad-free content.


The Coronavirus crisis has a large dark side. But as these thirteen opportunities explain, it has optimistic sides as well. Since all thirteen opportunities need a quite basic change in how we approach the world, seizing them can take significant time. In that sense, and if we keep on looking at the other sides of life, the longer the pandemics lasts, the larger the chances are and the bigger the opportunities are of actually making changes to our deeply rooted lifestyle and convictions. The Covid-19 crisis has forced restaurants, stores, theaters, and other businesses across the globe to shut down and a sector of workers have faced unemployment. Yet the public health crisis has also produced some new occupations.

When the future seems doubtful, it is wise to pursue a diverse portfolio of options instead of just sticking obsessively to one. Even in a better period, career change is never a perfectly clear-cut process. It’s a hectic journey of searching and to do it right, you have to experiment with, analyze, and learn about a variety of possible opportunities.

Regardless of the skyrocketing joblessness rate, the calming prospect is that new job roles are on the rise too, thanks to digitalization. Business organizations now prefer candidates with digital skill knowledge, soft skills, and quickness to adapt to the growing work atmosphere.

The above industries will embrace liveliness, digital, and a work-from-home tradition, which would pro-actively make our lives simpler, and businesses more advantageous. These are the business and sectors which will constantly employ talent and become one of the largest foundations of employment generation.

This is a golden chance to reinvent ourselves. How will the “new version of our self” be different from the “old one?”


The Coronavirus pandemic has triggered one of the worst work crises since the huge Depression. There is a real danger that the crisis will boost poverty and expand inequalities, with the impact felt for years to come. Countries now have to do everything they can to bring to an end this jobs crisis from turning into a social crisis. Reconstructing a better and more resilient employees market is an essential investment in the future and in future generations.

The pandemic has been a period of great change for all of us, and out of change comes success. Organizations and individuals alike have learned a lot from what we have together dealt with during the COVID-19 crisis, and it has changed how we work and network. Now it`s time to explore an occupation that will not be affected by any kind of pandemic or counter a lesser amount of loss.

So, if you want to succeed in this current crisis, it is the moment to skill up. Some sectors like the above mentioned are definitely going to flourish in the current crisis and are likely to produce more employment in the future.





Diksha Mishra