COVID-19 vaccine as a PANACEA?

Aman Namdeo


So it has been more than a year and few months since the disease originated in China has digged up in India. We recorded the very 1st case in India as on January 30, 2020 in kerala and that was the moment when we failed to understand that how deadly it could be for entire civilization.

Formerly many scientists, doctors, scholars, claimed that its just a unstable form of virus which could be controlled easily if we take proper precaution and medication. But as we humans have a common stereotype that we are warriors by default, no virus can do anything to us. And this covid-19 proofed ourself that it is not any normal virus which could be cured easily, it has a big hunger and does not leaves us easily and as result it first kills us mentally and then if not handled with care it then physically.

But now its all waste of time to discuss because we only had exacerbated it. From last year till now corona ( common name given to covid-19) has grippen more than 21 million peoples caused 2,30,000 deaths as recorded by NEW YORK TIMES on 5 MAY 2021.

In this serious pandemic situation scientist all over the world are working around the clock to find out a proper solution and in this journey we came across with many rumours but finally on January 16, 2021 a panacea in the form of vaccine was launched by Indian government and this we again proved this world that we are still VISHWAGURU. Though there are two vaccines that have been granted emergency use authorization by the CENTRAL DRUG STANDARD CONTRL ORGANIZATION IN INDIA are Covishield by astra zeneca’s vaccine manuafactured by serum institute of India and Covaxin by bharat biotech limited.

Let us try to understand the term Vaccine, “it is a suspensionof weekend, killed or fragmented microorganism or toxins of antibodies or lymphocytes that is administered primarily to prevent disease.” And the act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce immunity to specific disease.

So in general terms we can say that the vaccine that is claimed as a panacea contains a very small amount weakened corona virus which is a bit easier to cure, is allowed to enter in our body so that by the help of mitochondria of the cell it gets multiplied inside us at a faster rate and in this process initially our immune system will get weak because our immune system has been introduced with a new foreign agent i.e. vaccine and in a course of time our immune system will generate a antibody to that virus and by the second shot the antibody created to stop the weak virus will gainas much power to stop the original strong virus.

But being a panacea, vaccines carry risks, ranging from rashes or tenderness at the site of injection to fever associated seizures called febrile convulsion and dangerous infections in those with compromised immune system.


In 1802, a 3 year old girl in Mumbai received a smallpox vaccine, making her the first to take a vaccine in India, and then very soon on 1880, we had the VACCINATION ACT under British Raj.


India is said to be the largest producer of vaccine. Now the question arises that country which is sending medical help to other countries then why we are facing a shortage and had struggle to inoculate its own people against the virus?

The reason behing this is because the virus is keep going to produce new strains and when we were at low risk after the month of September in 2020 we thought that we are free from this virus and again took it very lightly and then comes the second wave of the virus. This second wave has now not brought new symptoms, new age group and also economic, social, medical crisis with it. Infact due to political influence the head of the serum company Mr. Poonawala had to flew abroad to save himself from all the threats.

To date, India has administered around 160 million dose of corona virus vaccine, in April it approved Russia’s sputnik v vaccine for use and 1st bathc of does arrived at the start of May.

Only 30 million people have had the complete two doses of a covid vaccine in India so far. That’s a small number of just 2% of India’s total population if 1.3 billion people- although under 15 years old are not eligible. And from may 1, 18+ citizens can enroll themselves for vaccination through gov. initiated apps AROGYA SETU, COWIN or with direct link

Though we are getting shortage of supplies but as an individual it is our wholesome responsibility to take important precautionary measure and stay isolated and wait our turn to get vaccinated and make sure that whenever you are going to get vaccinated you should be absolutely fit , hydrated and healthy.

Aman Namdeo